Los Angeles Purchase Circle

I had forgotten about the Purchase Circles feature on Amazon.com, where it allows you to browse favorite selections based on criteria such as geographic location, for example.

Now that I am reminded, here is a link to the one for Los Angeles, CA. It’s radical to see what people in LA are getting into. The architecture related titles seem the most interesting to me, for instance:

But this looks pretty amazing:

Bleeding Through: Layers of Los Angeles, 1920-1986 is an interactive narrative that combines a database detective story with a digital city symphony and a meta-narrative reflection on storytelling in this new medium. Set in a three-mile radius near downtown Los Angeles, this DVD-ROM explores Boyle Heights, Bunker Hill, Chavez Ravine, Chinatown, Echo Park, Little Tokyo and other contested locations that helped shape the city’s cultural history. These ethnically complex neighborhoods are documented through archival photographs and films and through contemporary images that either reproduce or evoke them. This DVD- ROM is accompanied by a book, which contains a novella by cultural historian Norman M. Klein and essays on the production by Jeffrey Shaw, Marsha Kinder, Rosemary Comella and Andreas Kratky.

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