Driving Styleses

Last night while driving to the Burbank Fry’s and a few other establishments in that area a thought encroached on my normally placid demeanor: is it just me or do people here drive extra-crappily? I’m talking about drivers who actively block you from entering lanes into which you are signalling, little people driving big SUVs and can’t seem to gain full situational awareness, people rolling through stop signs at crowded four way intersections, etc.

I have noticed a similar style of automotive anarchy in West Los Angeles, where people seem overly aggressive and reckless in their driving. It’s more than that though, I think that root issue is a sense of entitlement that some of these people seem to have – “I’m driving a newly leased, big car so of course I have the right of way!”

I don’t know if statistically these behaviors lead to more accidents per se, but I would hazard to guess that they lead to more stress for all users of the city’s byways.

I am more used to the Central LA style of relaxed driving where people work to create a nice flow of traffic and then go with it. No weaving in and out of lanes trying to get into the faster one and then ending up at the same stop light, no high pressure occupants screaming inside their shell because they can’t exit gracefully from their miscalculations. At least most of the time.

I feel worn out when driving in places like West LA and Burbank – I definitely have to drive more defensively than anywhere else I go. Some people I have talked to seem to notice a correlation between higher rent areas and shittier driving – perhaps its because more people there have fully paid insurance on cars that they don’t own(read:lease) so they really have nothing to lose by driving like they own the road, or maybe the issue goes deeper. Back to that sense of entitlement that tells them that the shinier object has the right of way.

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