Lane Change Mania

Another funny phenomenon: impatient drivers who constantly switch lanes, hoping to get in the fast lane. This mostly happens on streets with two lanes(like Melrose, Sunset or Fairfax let’s say), here in Los Angeles, but I am sure it’s not an exclusively Angeleno idea. It can happen anywhere.

These drivers never seem to get where they are going any faster. They don’t understand that lane speeds vary so greatly, so you might as well stay in the one you are in, even if it seems slower at the time – it will probably speed up in the next minute or so. I find myself passing them more often than I do the other drivers who just chill and don’t try to weave.

They are pretty funny to watch, especially when you pull up alongside these guys(a large percentage of them tend to drive superficially souped up imports(sorry, loud muffler does not add horsepower…)) at the next light. But then again it’s not so funny when you begin to suspect that this gratuitous lane-shifting may be a major contributor to traffic.

I guess it’s the principle of anti-Slack in action.

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