Not Amused By This New Traffic Scheme

Regarding Mayor Villaraigosa’s new traffic plan to post traffic cops at intersections, Skunks of Los Feliz writes:

I haven’t really noticed a positive effect on travel times at Beverly and Rossmore, which is the only intersection on my commute patrolled by traffic officers under Mayor Villaraigosa’s newly enacted traffic plan.

I would take it one step further actually and say that in some areas(I am driving Melrose or Beverly eastbound from Hollywood to Echo Park at traffic time), these well meaning officers have actually made traffic worse.

I first noticed the extra congestion last Friday – I was wondering what the problem was until I saw the traffic cops at major intersections. At first, I thought that the traffic lights were going haywire, so that’s why they were there. But it was not the case.

I feel like twenty minutes or so are added to my drive home, and even though I have an iPod full of the ultimate in music, I am not amused by this new traffic scheme. Maybe others will disagree, so I can speak only for myself – what do y’all think?

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