A Little More On Playstation Portable Graffs

Not to beat a dead horse, but I want to talk a little bit about the fake Playstation Portable graffiti by Sony. Since it has been talked about to death(I first saw these in New York), I don’t really have much more to ad except that Sony has really been shooting themselves in the foot lately.(first the DRM, and now this.)

Wooster Collective presents this arresting image of a Sony hired gun artist doing it for money.

Below is an image portraying public reaction(and by public I mean taggers and street atrists) to these corporate incursions. Image from Vidalia.

Also, here is an informative thread on Flickr, in the Graffiti group.

Despite this fiasco, I bought a Sony Vaio laptop last month and it’s pretty ill, so I will give them credit there. I just don’t want to see Vaio graffiti written on my kitten. Stick to advertising in computer magazines you nuts. Nobody like ingenuous “urban” crap.

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