The Bridge Is Not Over

Lifeguard on DutyThey are doing work on the old red bridge in Echo Park lake. The one that crosses over the water to the bird sanctuary island in the middle. According the to the Echo Park Historical Society:

The landmark bridge at Echo Park Lake is currently being renovated as workers replace rotted wood and make other necessary repairs. The bridge’s railings will be rebuilt and repainted in a historically appropriate manner in light of the park’s new status as a city historic landmark. Officials are also looking at moving and building a new and more attractive gate that currently blocks access to the bridge and island. The new gate would be located at the end of the bridge closest to the island, allowing park visitors to once again walk across the span and enjoy the view but keeping the island (an unofficial bird sanctuary) off limits.

Cool. I have only gotten to walk on the bridge once, when for some reason the gate was open. I did actually get to walk on the island.

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