Echo Park Nostalgia: Toys

IMG_5244As I was preparing this post for, I began to feel a little nostalgia for the time when I moved to Echo Park, about four years ago(I am still a newbie compared to some of the real deal Echo Parkians).

When I first came here, things did seem a little different, although I could see that change was just around the corner here(perhaps it always is).

One thing that I remember fondly was that on Echo Park Blvd, just north of Montana there was a guy with two gigantic piles of toys in his front yard. You could collect a bag of weird critters and figures and dolls and generally he would charge five bucks. I have no idea where he got such a volume of strange and unique toys, but we were all the better for it.

I still have some of them on my shelves at home. Good times.

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