Magic Cafe Grand Opening

I mentioned last week that Magic Gas is undergoing a growth from just a gas station into a gas station and a cafe. Well, today was the day. Makster and I went over there first thing this morning to check it out and get our free coffees and eats.

Magic Cafe Grand OpeningDespite some setbacks Jan(the current owner of Magic Gas) really pulled it off, and made the place into a viable operation. Coffee, espresso, eats and a nice courtyard with wireless Internet. At first I was skeptical, but now I see the appeal. You are getting gas in the morning, and the idea of crossing the street to Chango does not appeal. You can get your coffee here while you are pumping in your gasohol. Nice. I think that works.

In any case, I would encourage any Echo Park resident to go over there and at least check it out. Get a cup of coffee and say hello to Jan. She is nice.

There seemed to be a fair number of people there including Jenny Burman of Chicken Corner blog, as well as a bunch of Chango regulars. Perhaps ready for a change, or what have you. Two cafes on Chicken Corner now. Never thought I would see that.

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