Putting The Magic Back Into Gas

Magic Gas, by this time has become an Echo Park institution, but as Chicken Corner blog notes, some changes have been afoot since Aramis sold the place to new owners(we miss you Aramis).

Magic Gas SignPrimarily, they will be serving coffee and espresso there, and there is a new patio for seating outside. And my wife, MAKSTER, will be working there(and the quote on the Chicken Corner post is from her, btw…she has been a booster of the Magic Gas project).

It’s a strange change, and a strange thing for a gas station to do. But I guess I have my own personal image of what a gas station is(some of my friends remark that it is more like European gas stations in this sense, but that does not really make a difference to me). It will be cool if they can pull it off, it would be rather unique, and might give Chango some competition. Would it cause a bifurcation of the Changoscene? I dunno. I hardly go into Chango unless it is early in the morning when MAKSTER opens store. I guess I find the crust of hipsters that forms at around 11AM a little offputting.

The one thing that I will say is this though: no matter what you do, Magic Gas, no matter what happens…do NOT…I will repeat…DO NOT…get rid of the mechanic. Seriously. DO NOT.


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