The Traffic Gap Thing Does Work To A Certain Extent

Last week I wrote on about a cool technique for helping to dissipate traffic. The basic concept is that you leaving a large gap in front of you while driving in traffic(while maintaining a similar speed to those drivers around you of course). This way you don’t have to brake as much, and the idea is that that will stop the “transmission” of traffic.

Anyways, yesterday I was driving back from the valley on the 101 and decided to give it a shot. For the most part the results were good, and I actually had fun doing it. A fun game that if nothing else made the drive home more fun. Less starting and stopping, which is surely better for the car and I was more relaxed the whole way. It was also interesting to watch the response of people around me. Some people would hop out from behind me into an adjacent lane, and then get slowed down, or get in front of me, only to be caught behind the guy who is in front of me. Not going any faster, but maybe it is good for their psyche or something.

I want to try it a few more times, but overall I did get a sense that I was to a small degree clearing the traffic around me.

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