Google Maps Adds Traffic Data

Well, that’s cool. Google Maps has traffic data. I knew it would only be a matter of time before I could stop using Sigalert, which for some reason does not give the traffic data for downtown Los Angeles, which is the most hellish part of my daily commute. Brilliant. Sigalert has been good to me, but that glaring omission always bothered me.

Anyways, LAist reports that Yahoo! Maps has had traffic data for years. Well, I went and checked it out. Unusable. I spent a minute on there and could get no useful data. Sure there are some colored dots scattered on the page, and I am sure they correspond to real world events, but I could not get an overall picture of what my commute would look like.

Now if we could get rid of all of the idiot lane-switchers and tailgaters and overly aggressive drivers, maybe we would not need traffic maps.

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