1000 Steps To The Beach

There are only 227 steps, but it is an “ass-jarring” staircase down to 1000 Steps Beach, just south of Laguna Beach. Actually, going down is not bad – going back up is a little rough.

1000 Steps Beach
This long, flat expanse of sand had big waves that weren’t too rough, and the water was extremely clear. While there were a lot of people there, it never really felt crowded – you just had to watch out for the skim-boarders was all.

If you are willing to drive down to Orange County, this is a good beach to check out. Just make sure that you don’t forget your beer in the car(its all street parking, btw) or you will be forced to walk up the huge staircase to get it. Which I had to do.

At first we actually had a hard time finding it based on the directions in our books. I guess it is because the staircase down is sort of camouflaged, and since there is only street parking, there is little indication of when you are in the right area. Would a Google Map help?

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