I’m Going To Court!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

This time not as a juror, but as your garden-variety defendant in a civil case.

Although I cannot give details about the case at this time, the basic premise is that our landlord bought our rent controlled property in Echo Park a little while back and wants to get rid of all of the tenants – starting with us. It’s a sordid tale, and I promise I will tell it later. For now, though I must be silent.

All I can say though is that most people don’t fight th type of sleazeball tactics this fella is using, and that is the true reason why areas get gentrified. Mostly, the people who try this crap are successful in their attempts to harass, intimidate and pressure tenants out of their neighborhoods.

While the experience has been a moderate pain in the ass for a while now, I look forward to our day in court. We have a solid case and some pretty big guns on our side.

It all goes down next Wednesday at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown LA.

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