Macedonia Was Really, Really Boring

I mean it was really boring. I picked up Harvey Pekar’s new graphic novel, “Macedonia” because I am interesting in international affairs and things of that nature. Thought it would be engaging.

Well, I was wrong. Although I did finish it, it was by far the most boring graphic novel I have ever read. Sure I am fascinated by the complexities of foreign policy(I even get the magazine – which, by the way is great. I like the blog, too. It’s got a sense of humor I can relate to.), but 100 pages of comics describing meetings between Heather Roberson, a UC Berkeley Peace and Conflict Studies student and various Macedonian officials is not exactly compelling reading.

If it was a magazine article, I would read it. But I just don’t get the logic of devoting so much artistic energy to what is essentially amounts to panel after panel of Roberson talking to people.

I am going to sue them all for the time I wasted reading this.

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