Meet The Van

It’s a 1989 Dodge Ram Van – an El Kapitan conversion with carpeted interiors, captains chairs, folding backseat, built in cooler, TV/VCR(we removed that), and a CB radio. The V8 engine they threw in for kicks.

Fisheye In VanSince we bought it in May, we have added all new brakes and knobbier tires. Next, we need to get some roof and bike racks.

The thing has revolutionized the way we travel. Taking it to the desert or on road trips is like bringing a room from our house with us. It is the first car that I had that I can sleep in comfortably. I mean a real sleep, not a “car sleep”.

Overall, it feels more like a private plane on land, rather than a car.

Now though, I am looking for some conversion places that can sell me parts that I want to replace(stuff like compasses, drink holders, tables, etc…minor things that need fixing). If anyone knows, comment here. Unfortunately, El Kapitan’s site is busted – but I will Google and see what else is out there. Still, recommendations would be cool.

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