Supreme Master Via Satellite

Now that I have seen the ads for Supreme Master TV in the back of both the Economist and Businessweek(near the ads for offshore bank accounts), I decided that it is time I write about it.

The ad I first saw was the one in the Economist. It had the headline “What’s New and Exciting On The Internet” next to a picture of a blond Asian woman looking skyward. The ad was promoting a satellite channel that provided spiritual, and uplifting programming.

After doing a little searching around, I found out about Supreme Master Ching Hai – who Time magazine describes as the Buddhist Martha Stewart. An apt description.

Not only is Ching Hai enlightened, but a marketing maven who runs a chain of vegetarian restaurants, a clothing line, sells paintings and has a satellite TV network.

By all accounts, quite the character.

Also: is there a lot of weird stuff on satellite TV?

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