Move Aside Bratz And Barbie – These New Monster High Dolls Are The “New Kids” On The Block!

Perhaps you haven’t heard of the new Monster High Dolls yet, BUT you surely will. After all, it is Mattel’s BIGGEST product launch since Hot Wheels came out in 1968, and it’s almost a guarantee that this relatively new line of toys (and other products) will reach popularity of epic proportions!

It was in 2010 when Monster High first came to the scene. For those of you who have no idea whatsoever what Monster High is about, it’s the undead version Bratz / Barbie that’s geared towards grown-up girls (aged 12 and below).

To be honest, their target audience wasn’t quick on the uptake and Mattel’s newest line of toys had a slow start. Despite that however, the marketing and promotion geniuses behind Monster High turned it into one of the most popular lines of toys that grown-up girls from left, right, and center go crazy for! It got so popular that Monster High now has their own web show for kids (with webisodes lasting from 1.5 to 2 minutes); clothing and accessories; topped off with a full-feature film.

But knowing how they pushed Hot Wheels, Bratz, and Barbie to the top of toy industry, it’s almost guaranteed that Mattel will come up with exciting additions and updates to the current roster of Monster High Dolls. Matter of fact, here’s a glimpse of what Monster High Doll fans were treated to in 2013:

Catty Noir Unleashed: This is the FIRST big news – the release of a completely new character and doll that goes by the name of Catty Noir. As the5thwerecat added to the product line, Catty Noir showcases beautiful dark skin. Oh! She’s also a singing superstar that never forgets to wear glamorous outfits and accessories wherever she goes.

catty-noirThe Weaving Of Webarella (Wydowna Spider) –Dubbed as the ‘daughter of Arachne,’ Webarella was first introduced to the roster of new Monster High Dolls at San Diego Comic-Con International 2011 where attendees voted for the next new character.She landed at second place…only a few votes shy of bagging the first place. However, she was made part of Monster High anyway in July 17, 2013.


Showcasing magnificent arms and legs, Webarella is as spectacular as any Monster High character could get. Mind you however, that she’s a Comic-Con exclusive, which means you won’t find her within the shelves of your favorite toy store. Having said that, BIG and devoted fans of Monster High Dolls are looking forward to the bigger release and many of them are speculating that Webarella will hit the stores before 2013 ends.

MORE Power Ghoul Dolls – Who says monsters and ghouls can’t have super powers!? January and August of 2013 marked the release of Power Ghouls – transforming regular Monster High Dolls to super-heroines that somewhat resemble famous comic book heroes.


Tasked of stopping the evil plans and designs of Cat Tastrophe, Mattel finds it necessary to introduce another Power Ghoul to keep the world safe. The new Power Ghoul’s name would be Ghoulia Yelps, but everyone is still clueless as to how she will look like. One thing is for sure though: She’ll be just as fantastic as the Power Ghouls before her!

NEW Scarah Screams Doll –Last year, Monster High Doll fans and aficionados were wowed by the BIG release of Scarah Screams’ doll. But Mattel won’t be Mattel if they won’t follow up their last year’s big release with another bigger and better Monster High Doll.


In late July 2013, they unleashed a NEW Scarah Screams doll, which is included in the “I <;;;;;;;;;3 Fashion” range. Along with Abbey Bominable, Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, and Draculaura, Scarah Screams’ doll showcases three fashionable outfits; three pairs of shoes; and an assortment of accessories.

Monster High Dolls – What Made These Toys Stand Out?

If you’ve never really loved cute, fashionable dolls before, you will after you’ve laid your eyes and hands on a Monster High Doll. Many have succumbed to these Monster High Dolls for very good reasons, and here are some of them:

Monstrous Size: Bratz dolls look like dwarves when placed side by side with Monster High dolls! Standing at 10.5 inches and showcasing skinny figures, these dolls will be a perfect fit whether you have a younger daughter (about 6-7 years old) who loves to play with dolls all day long or an older girl (8-10 years) who loves collecting, dressing, and posing dolls.

Nice Packaging:  Every Monster High figure has:

  • A plastic stand
  • An adjustable waist holder included in the package
  • Accessories and clothes
  • A personal pet
  • And even a “diary” that has a code for unlocking new and exciting stuff on the official Monster High website!

Packaging-wise, Monster High beats other lines of dolls (including Bratz and Barbie)…PERIOD!

VERY ‘Poseable’: What’s the use of a fashion doll that’s not able to pose the way you like!? Well, the good news is that these new Monster High dolls are jointed at the wrist, elbows, and knees – allowing you or your daughter to easily change their poses. PLUS, with hands and forearms that pop out at the elbow, re-dressing your Monster High doll is ABC-easy!

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