How To Make Wood Floors Look New Again

Hardwood floors add value to your home and they are easy to clean and to care for than carpet. However, they can become dull, scarred, or water damaged over a period of time. You can use some simple, cheap and easy ways to make your hardwood look new again, starting with cleaning and extend it to a refinishing.

New Looking Wood Floor

Here are easy steps to follow in order to make your floors appear like new again.

Step 1: Empty the room

You cannot complete this project by moving furniture around your work area. The room has to be emptied. Don’t wait until the time you bring the floor buffer home. You will be paying for it by the hour; you need empty the room first.

Step 2: Make any necessary repairs

This is the right time to fill any exposed nail heads, to touch up any deep scratches with a stain marker, or to plug holes left from phone lines or old television and other accessories

Step 3: Clean it

Any contaminants on the finish must be removed in order for a new finish to cling to an existing finish. Such dirt include: ordinary dirt, grease, grime, dust, cleaning residue, soap film, aerosols, furniture polish, and wax.

Do not clean with hot and soapy water or any kind of homemade recipes. Such chemicals may cause damages to the finish on your floor a, soap can leave a residue and excessive water can cause the wood to swell. Use a commercial floor cleaner which is designed to dissolve such contaminants without dissolving the already existing finish. Find the best vacuum for wood floors that you can afford and vacuum over the floor to make sure there are no leftover dust/debris lodged anywhere.

Step 4: Allow it to dry

Wipe the floor with a soft cloth. Give any remaining hardwood floor cleaner enough time to evaporate before going on. You can set up a fan to blow air across the floor.

Step 5: Gently scuff the old finish

Since water based and oil based finishes cannot form a bond with a previous layer of finish, we need to create a bond between the two finishes. This is achieved by adding many tiny scratches to the existing finish.

Use a floor polisher and a large synthetic pad or a hand polisher with a synthetic pad to lightly scuff the surface of the old or existing finish.

Step 6: Vacuum the dust

Use a vacuum to remove the dust that has been created by scuffing. Avoid sweeping the floor, as a broom only pushes the grit into cracks between the boards. Vacuuming is not bad for cleaning wood floors, as long as it is not the only method you use.

Step 7: Apply your finish

Follow manufactures advice to apply your chosen finish. However, choosing an appropriate finish is very critical. There is a big difference between “cure time.” and “dry time”. A finish may dry in just a matter of minutes, but it may achieve its absolute hardness in a period of time-generally about a week.

Once the finish has dried, you can walk on the floor on feet; keep off shoes for an additional day. Wait for about three days before you bring in furniture.

Here are tips on the whole furnishing process:

  1. Do not use a recoat on floors with wax finishes since it will not bond, and it will result into a blotchy, peeling, ugly looking floor.
  2. Make sure that the room is well ventilated while working with chemical finishes and floor buffers.
  3. Never slide furniture across the floor regardless of how long the finish has cured. A worn furniture glide leaves an unsightly scratch in the finish.

This simple guide will help you make your damaged wood floor look new again.

How to Make Wood Floors Shiny Again


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