Tips For Cleaning Wood Floors Depending on Your Finish

The quality of your floor especially in the kitchen says a lot about you as a person. If it has been neglected, you will come off as lazy and irresponsible. Wood floors need great responsibility when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them.

Before we discuss how to clean wood floors, you should note that the use of vinegar (as most people commonly believe) to clean them is a no-no. Vinegar being acidic, corrodes the poly coating or whatever material your floor is coated with. It is also noteworthy that the use of anything other than what has been recommended by your manufacturer will make null and void your warranty. There are many other safe ways to keep your wood floors clean and presentable.


Also, do not use furniture sprays or oil when cleaning wooden floors. This is because oil leaves a residue on them while furniture spray causes the floors to become slippery.

Establish Your Finish

Without a clear idea of what the finish of your floor is, you should confirm what it has been coated with. This is because the finish used on it will greatly determine how and what you use to clean it.

Here is a list of the different types of floor sealing:

  1. Surface-sealed floors: These are usually the easiest to clean. This is because they have been sealed by compounds such as poly-acrylic which are moisture, water and damage resistant. These are generally the easiest to clean.
  2. Oil treated floors: Here a penetrating oil finish is absorbed into the wood grain where it hardens. For this type of floor, you must treat it with either paste wax or the liquid type to ensure that it maintains its quality.

Factors to consider when cleaning your floor include:

  • Cleaning the floor routinely; there are places in the house which involve high activities. These are areas such the dining room, the kitchen and the bathroom. These ones can be swept on a daily basis and mopped at least after every fortnight. Areas such as the store where there’s little activity can be cleaned on a monthly basis.
  • The technique for mopping; you don’t want to clean a wood floor with water even if it has been coated. Always use a damp mop instead of using a wet one. Insert the mop in bucket full of the prepared cleaning solution, squeeze it completely then mop towards the direction the wood grain is facing.

Basic Care For Your Floor

You can ease the cleaning process for your floors through dusting it with a mop treated in a dusting agent of your choice. Also remember to pick up any particles on the floor that might lead to it being scratched. A good canister or upright vacuum is recommended.

Intense Cleaning

Apart from the light cleaning, you should do a deeper cleaning at least once every month to remove things like oil which could have missed during the light cleaning. This involves the use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer. If you use the tips given above, cleaning your wood floor will be a lot faster and even enjoyable. All the best with keeping yours sparkling clean!


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