Top Rated Handheld Vacuum Cleaners: Best Cordless/Corded Models Of 2013-2014

Handheld vacuum cleaners are perfect accessories for folks who can’t get their furniture, vehicles and other knick knack closer to the power outlet. Based on power-savvy technology, these vacuums are viable options for homes and offices. Here is a simplified list of the Best Handheld Vacuum cleaners from 2013-2014. If you’re planning to buy a brand new machine this year, just check out the specifications mentioned below.

Cordless Handheld Vacuums

Cordless Handheld VacuumThese swift, compact and portable gadgets are made for quick-pickup jobs.

Owning to their small size, they can efficiently remove fine particles like food crumbs, pet hair and dust from different surfaces but there are certain disadvantages of owning these machines.

They offer limited battery backups and take several hours to recharge.

Top 5 Picks

  1. Black & Decker Platinum BDH200FL20: The widget features a unique cylindrical design. Powered by 18-vold batteries, BDH200FL20 offers smooth motor performance and a long crevice tool that reaches difficult corners.
  2. Black & Decker BDH20000L20: This lightweight device lasts for 30 minutes on full suction. Blessed with 20-stage filtration, competent crevice tools and rotating brush=head, this lightweight vacuum is a blessing in disguise for busy office goers.
  3. Black & Decker Pivot: With its amazing range of products, the brand occupies top 3 spots on the list. Ranking third from the top is B&D Pivot vacuum that features foldable nozzle, LED battery indicators and powerful motor suction. With a large, easy-to-use, transparent and easily detachable dirt cup, it’s meant for spot cleanups.
  4. Dyson D44 Animal Vac: High-quality, long extensions, effective motors and special pet cleaning accessories speak volumes regarding its high quality. It might not actually be THE best vacuum for pet hair, but it’s definitely a vacuum cleaner you’ll want to pick up if you have pet hair problems in your household.
  5. Hoover Linx Pet Hand Vac: This thingamabob works efficiently on flat surfaces like furniture, car seats, staircases, walls and doors. The motorized, rotating brushes pick up pet hair and fine particles from different surfaces. Quick charge time, interchangeable, long-lasting batteries and cyclonic dirt-repellant technology are its key features.

Messy Vacuum CordsCorded Handheld Vacuum

Short run times, delicate batteries and weak suction power of cordless vacuums tend to irritate us.

Nevertheless, you can avoid these issues with a powerful and long-lasting corded vacuum. Large is great, large is back in fashion!

Best 5 Models

  1. BISSELL Clean-View Deluxe 47R51: This wonderful thingy is furnished with powerful suction, wide range of attachments for carpets, floor, upholstery and staircase and HEPA media filters that capture noxious fumes, allergens and dust mites present in air.
  2. BISSELL Spot-Lifter 1716B PowerBush Deep Cleaner: Twin motorized brush rolls, handy brush cartridge removes and continuous suction make it one of the hottest models in the market. The widget sprays, cleans, blows and dries in one step!
  3. Dirt Devil 2.0 SD12000: 20-foot long cord helps you reach tricky spot and corners whereas motor-driven, high-performing brush=rolls, quick rinse filters and one-touch release dirt containers make it more efficient.
  4. Eureka EasyClean 71B: With double motors, innovative Riser Visor cleaning and innovative tools, the vacuum ranks forth on the list of best domestic cleaners.
  5. Black & Decker Pet Retriever Series (HV9010P): This amazing machine includes a fine turbo brush which is especially designed for pet hair. Cyclonic action, flexible crevice hose, blower hose and a 24-ounce translucent bowl take it one step ahead.


Considering the type of job you perform on a daily basis, Dirt & Devil, Hoover’s Platinum and BISSELL CleanView are solid contenders. Contrary to this, if you’re looking for a versatile and easy-to-use gadget, you should opt for Eureka products. Remember to read their reviews before you make the final decision.

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