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How to Make a Delicious Fruit Smoothie in a Blender

Fruit smoothies are an excellent way to get much of your daily intake of fruits, vitamins, and antioxidants. Making a delicious fruit smoothie in a blender sounds kind of simple… and it actually is! But there are a few tips to make it easier and smoother. (Pun definitely intended!)

  1. Use the right fruit. Not all fruits are meant to be in a smoothie. Grapes and cherries are yummy but also have too much pulp to work well in a smoothie. Oranges have a similar problem but orange juice gives you the great citrus flavor without all the pulp. Berries are a favorite in fruit smoothies. They are easy to blend and are full of vitamins. Tropical fruit like pineapple and mangoes are also good.
  2. Half of your smoothie ingredients should be liquid. Trying to blend a bunch of frozen fruit without enough liquid in your blender will be difficult especially if you are using a standard low budget blender. You can use fruit and vegetable juices, milk, or even plain water if you are trying to manage calories. Almond and soy milk are a great source of protein and taste great in smoothies. You can try a combination of liquids to see which you like best.
  3. Use frozen fruit. It is cheaper than fresh and in many ways is healthier. Frozen fruits and vegetables are picked at the peak of freshness so the vitamins and minerals are preserved better. They will also give your smoothie a delicious chill without needing ice.
  4. Bananas are one of my favorite smoothie ingredients because of their wonderful texture. Adding a frozen banana to your smoothies will give a great creamy texture. Buy the bananas when they are ripe and on sale. More brown spots means they will be sweeter. Peel them and store them in a plastic bag in the freezer.
  5. Assemble your smoothie the night before. The next morning, the fruits will have thawed a bit and will be the perfect consistency for blending. It will also save you time and cut down on your morning routine.
  6. Start at a low speed and increase the blender speed slowly. Wait until you see what looks like a tornado or a whirlpool at the top of the smoothie before you turn up the blender. If you blend your smoothie too quickly, the contents will make an air pocket and they will stop mixing properly. If this happens, simply wait until the air bubble rises to the top and try again.
  7. Make sure to blend your smoothie long enough. Just because the smoothie looks like liquid doesn’t mean it’s quite done. If you blend your smoothie for at least a full minute after everything looks mixed, it will be nice and blended and even more tasty.

Making great smoothies is really easy and very fun. Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to a delicious healthy treat.

5 Benefits of Having a Smoothie Blender at Home

Smoothie has undoubtedly emerged as a new age beverage, already becoming equally popular with the little ones and the seniors, the young and the moving, the style divas and the gym enthusiasts. This daily dose of fresh and energetic drink is a thick blend of fresh or frozen fruits, raw vegetables, milk, juices-fruit/and vegetable, yogurt and the ice cubes.

Good Smoothie BlenderA velvety drink, relished by the young and the seasoned alike, with its infinite advantages is definitely a must for every home so lets understand the benefits of having a smoothie blender at home:

  1. High in nutrition – Now, no need to waste precious time in reading catalogs of products in grocery stores!Be in command!Just add what you think is the healthiest option with a handful of ice cubes to your blender and your favorite snack is ready. Your homemade smoothie gives the advantage of eating fruits and vegetable raw, deriving the maximum nutrition as cooking destroys some vitamins on heating. It is not processed so no loss of nutrients. You can always add the recommended vitamins and powders for protein supplements.
  2. Quick snack – You need only 10 minutes to make a quick, healthy, wholesome snack that will not let you dehydrate even if you forget to drink water for sometime. A treat that only your own blender allows to be served in just 10 minutes.
  3. Weight loss – Custom made smoothies allow you to add the good fats, stimulants like coffee or green tea, more fiber with zero sugar to soak in the goodness without sacrificing taste. So, more taste without disturbing your diet regime with your own blender!
  4. Increases your immunity – Fruits and vegetables are eaten completely with their skin, pulp and seeds so an additional supply of roughage is going to be a boost for your digestion. A large variety and quantity of fresh and natural supplements improving your immunity levels immensely with you being the boss!
  5. Children love it – No arguing, no compromising, no haggling!Your children will love this complete package with a new flavor, in a new color each day with no extra burden on your wallet!Try unique combinations with ice creams and syrups to lure your children towards healthy habits with your very own smoothie blender!

A smoothie blender is indispensable not only for a health conscious family but also for the taste brigade who will happily embark on this path for a fit and toned physique.

In order to obtain the best blender for smoothies, go for the one that will last for years and proves to be worth the money invested. A blender with a high range of horsepower, with a minimum of 500W would be good in crushing solid ice cubes. The size is also a factor as a large family needs a large sized jar to pack it to the maximum capacity. It should also be easy to clean, easy to operate and occupy less space.

If it comes with a warranty period of 2-7 years, the breakdown is just taken care of as you would not have to spend additional money on serviceable parts or a replacement. For so many benefits, one should not think about money being the only criteria for deciding the brand. So, don’t wait for someone else, set an example and be the first to buy a smoothie blender for your home.