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World Famous Five Dollar Guy

Right where Santa Monica Blvd meets Sunset(next to the Jiffy Lube), there is a building on the right hand side that is painted with the words: “Silverlake’s Own World Famous Five Dollar Guy”. Not a bad mural, in and of itself, but I am not entirely sure what it all means, and I was hoping that someone out there could venture an idea or opinion so that we can all get to the bottom of this – together.

Besides being aware of the mural’s existence, I saw who was painting it: a gentleman wearing cutoff shorts and a pink bandana – no shirt, didn’t see what kind of shoes. We had seen this guy maybe a week or two prior, at the same location(before the mural actually existed) holding a sign saying: “$20.00″. He was standing next to a white dresser, so I initially I assumed he was trying to sell it to make rent or something. But maybe I am just being naive. Perhaps it was just coincidence that the dresser was there.

In any case, that sign seems incongruous with the “Five Dollar Guy” proclamation, but what do I know really? It’s just an interesting situation that I was hoping to shed some light on and at least document what I know.